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24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress
8th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management
June 7th - 10th 2016 Dublin, Ireland

Clinical Club

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Clinical Clubs are a great way to share your research and give feedback to your peers.

Sessions: Wednesday 8th 15.20 – 16.40 and Thursday 9th 15.20 – 16.40

IPVS / ESPHM are delighted to announce that there will be two clinical club sessions during their forthcoming conference in Dublin. Both Clinical Club Sessions run from 15:20 to 16:40 on Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th June 2016. Chaired by UK Veterinary Surgeon, David Chennells, these sessions present the contributors with an intimate forum to present interesting cases to their peers.

David Chennells, UK Veterinary Surgeon
David Chennells, UK Veterinary Surgeon

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a diagnosis! It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is! It doesn’t matter if you have not submitted an abstract! It doesn’t matter if you have never spoken or presented in public before! David Chennells has been chairing these sessions for the UK Pig Veterinary Society for years. He will cajole the presenter and facilitate a lively discussion from the audience.

This session gives the opportunity for clinicians or laboratory investigators to present and discuss interesting, novel, unusual, or obscure cases that they have been involved in.The rules are very simple:

>10-12 mins presentation and 3-5 mins for questions and discussion

>It must be a genuine clinical case

>The presentation should be on PowerPoint (but a few slides will do)

>You do not have to submit a written paper

>You do not need to have an answer to the problem or a diagnosis

>It must not be a research project or trial for a pharmaceutical, nutrition, or supplement company.

>It does not have to be highly scientific or proven statistically

>It can be about a commonly seen problem, but with interesting or unusual features

>It can be a “cry for help” for unsolved problems.

>You do not have to be long experienced, or a swine professional, younger colleagues are welcome.

>Cases will be accepted at the Chairman’s discretion and can be offered up the 1st of June.


If interested, please email with ‘Clinical Club’ in the subject line.